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if we were euro 2016 teams

me - Germany - efficient, world champion, produces amazing displays, amazing at everything basic with subline skill
aasif - Albania - had to flee his country
Kitty - england - she reminds me of wayne rooney and has a lazy eye like harry kane
Leanne - France - full of blacks seaman in her
Bundy - Switzerland - always neutral but play sneaky games
Colm - Romania - hes a gypsie
Neeko - Wales - has ears like gareth bale and hes a stupid monkey
ep1 - Russia - both get fucked on smegma & vodka
Chelle - Slovakia - both blondes
Cathy - Northern Ireland - its close to liverpool
Emma - poland - she is a prostitute like most of the women
Heidi - Ukraine - they produce good looking females
David Mustang - Croatia - cus hes a party animal
Zohan - czech republic - have you seen his gf....
Boon - Spain - because hes flamboyant
Chelsea - Turkey - both scum of the earths
Jan cakes - belgium - she looks like lukaku
Knotty - Italy - she is perfectly shaped like their products
mies - re.ireland - peasant
petri - iceland - poor like them
koolie - portugal - he speaks retarded like them
kimmy - sweden - she is a paki like ibrahimovic
brij - brij - looks like adolf
thana - Hungary - self explained
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