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Chronicles Of Insanity

A nurse walks down a hallway handing out meds to mental patients ,

She finds him rocking back in forth in the corner this patient was a rather difficult one he raged and raved about lives he's lived and people he thinks he is,

You can sometimes catch him mumbling things such as "steve bruh i gift to you stace" or "Creepy you paki" he's the saddest of all patients in the ward sometimes,

He cries and cries they tease him so much "i'm beautiful" he mutters "i'm sexy" he sobs into his hairy knees,

"Mr.Rihaan sir?" the nurse taps his shoulder so he can turn to her and accept his medications , just as she touches him he lashes out in a fit of rage scratching her neck in the process he screams "MY NAME IS EDWARD AND I'M A BEAUTIFUL BOY I'M WHITE CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE WHITE SKIN!!??!!!!" this shout was echoed throughout the halls then a horrified silence was to follow along with his uncontrollable sobbing.

Loud shrieks of him shrilly saying "They took away my goat bride" and "the only one i ever loved" could be heard from him as the orderlies held him down and sedated him.

Later over coffee in the break room the nurses were discussing this troublesome patient of theirs , "he was admitted by his family because he kept attacking people who said he was brown he wants to be white so bad" said one nurse to the other , "I heard all the beasitality with him molesting goats is what landed him in here" said a nurse to an orderly .

And then there's me a small town reporter looking for a story to write , i admit it was hell to see a vast amount of people with deteriorating mental states , but there was just something about this little brown indian boy who cried so hard because he wasn't white , doctors are slowly trying to find a cure for his ailments and one day i hope they do but for now i'm going to continue checking up on him from time to time.

Thanks for reading.
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