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If we were simpson characters

Me - Duffman - cus im cool as fuck
Lea - Maggy - doesn't say much and she always has something in her mouth.
Kitty - Barney - self explained
Steve0 - Jimbo - same kind of character
Henry/Michael - Ralph - is an idiot
Melend - Dr Hibert - Both black
Bundy - Bart - always up to trouble
Colm - Millhouse - cus colm and bundy are best friends
Assif - apu - self explained
Cathy - Lisa - both annoying but if she was gone she'd be missed
Brij - Nelson - Smell ya later
Ryan - Snake - always running from the law
Ace - Moe - both creeps
Chelsey - Smithers - Both like to brown nose people
Tucker - Lenny - cus everybody loves lenny
Srsbsns - moleman - both useless
Grampa - Omnii - both old as fuck
Janey - Catwomen - both crazy
Danny - Carl - no one has a bad word about him
Creepy - Mr Burns - same skin texture
Lugz - Gil - both losers
Moss - Mayor Quinby - always up to something dodgy
Zohan - Homer - everyone loves Zohan
Lori - Jaspar - I hate them both
Mies - Lionel Hutz - no one likes him
Azza - Ned Flanders - everyone takes advantage of him

I think im done so mehhhhh
Last update on June 27, 7:20 pm by goon_of_thrones.
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As an infrequent user these days, this was immediately helpful as a social analysis tool.

gives you an idea of people personalities on here Jae.

But if I had to choose a simpson character for you it be the rich Texan <3
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