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If we were singing bands/artists

Me - RHCP - everyone loves at least one thing about me(i.e. everyone loves at least one RHCP song.)
Zohan - The Beatles - Only fitting cus hes a die hard Liverpool supporter.
Emma - The Scissor Sisters - cus she is a lesbian
Murray - Boyzone - has hair like ronan keating
Janey - The Bee Gee's - She sounds like the main singer when he sings.
Danny - Coldplay - Looks like Chris Martin.
Brij - Bart Simpson - She does the Bart Man well.
Chelsey - Bizarre from D12 - fat and horrible like him.
Neeko - Johnny Cash - racialist like him.
Ryan - Ed Shereen - both ginger.
Kitty - Pavarotti - no need to explain.
Boon - John Denver - Lives near country roads.
Eric - Clapton - EASIEST ONE.
Aasif - MC Punjabi - both pakis.
Anthony - Oasis - Great band with great songs for a great guy.
Moss - B*Witched - I can imagine dancing in the green fields like in that song they did.
Metal - Iron Maiden - Good metal songs.
Sassy - Dolly Parton - Absolute legend to the music industry.
Leanne - Olivia Newton - has it all can sing and act.
Debbie - Wing - cus she loves singing abba too.
Cathy - Patrick Swayze - cus she is like the wind.
Wren - right said right - both poofs.
Lori - Susan Boyle - as old as each other.
Koolie - Gareth Gates - both can't speak correctly.
Bread - Faith Hill - they look alike.
Azza - Snoop Dog - always high on weed.
Omnii - Chico - CUS ITS CHICO TIME.
Mies - Will young - both fags who cry about getting dumped.
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