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If we were black footballers

me - Seedorf - most decorated player - absolute legend
Anthony - Thierry Henry - absolute legend - love by everyone (besides the paddys)
Brij - nani - same hair style and apparently she cheats in the quizzes and nani is a real cheater
Kitty - Adebayo akinfenwa - same body mass and shape
Zohan - cafu - same head shape
Moss - adebayor - same height
Danny - Cameron Jerome - Birmingham LEGEND
Boon - Edgar Davids - Same hair style
Neeko - Pepe - an absolute animal
Sass - Jay Jay okocha - loved by loads
Otter - Bounsong - clumsy and no one likes him
Murray -Titus Bramble - both hold 5 accounts of sex attacks
Erik - Livroy Primus - Leader of Pompey
Cathy - Balotelli - they sometimes both throw their toys out of the prame, but when on form they are brilliant.
Janey - Ashley Cole - both are bum boys
Omnii - Kanu - No one knows what there true ages are.
Emma - Sol Campbell - both camp as fuck and look like lesbians
Koolie - Ashley Young - both thick as fuck
Debbie - Evra - cus they both like park ji sung
Azza - Kyle Walker - Azza likes to watch girls have there fanny licked by dogs too
Kazzie - Bacery Sagna - we all know why
Leanne - Drogba - a beast in the box
Bread - Ramies - loads of energy
Jancakes - William aka WILL I AM
Michelle - Geoffrey Kogdogbia - they look alike
Wren - Blasiu Matuidi - no one likes him and both perverts
Lori - Pele - black don't crack

That's all
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Fack Adebayor, I'm Akinfenwa
I cheat quizzes apparently? What the living fuck?
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