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If we where X men

Me - Wolverine - because im hairy, aggressive and my recovery speed is through the roof.
Janey - Rogue - because anything she touches turns to death.
Professor x - Omnii - since he claims he has a PHD its only fitting.
Cyclops - Nostra = Not as good looking as him (hes pretty ugly) he has the first name as him... SCOTT
Beast - Kitty 303 - the name is fitting for her
Nightcrawler - Edward - nightcrawler sounds a bit rapey and I wouldn't put it past him since hes Asian and all that.
Storm - Janckaes - cus she is black.
Magneto - Colm - his head is shaped like the helmet he wears.
Jubilee - Emma - naïve young girl who listens to the wrong people, also she is lesbian looking.
Mystique - Brij - cus she is a crafty beaver and she has blue skin too.
Jean Grey - Dancehall - because she is beautiful and we all know she ends up shagging wolverine behind Cyclops back.
Toad - Chelsey - she is a creep like him.
Gambit - Anthony - cus he is French like him also Gambit is fucking cool and has hair like Olivier Giroud.
Sabretooth - Steven - ugly like him.
Juggernaught - Moss - tall like him
Iceman - danny - cus he's cool and im pretty sure iceman supports Birmingham.
Warpath - Ryan - both Mexican looking.
Pixie - ctahy - obvious reasons, look at the name.

That's all I can be bothered with.....
Last update on April 26, 7:14 pm by goon_of_thrones.
Part 2 -

Colossus - Boon - cus hes well hard and has a great body made out of steel.
Shadow cat - Sass - cus she is can walk through walls, she broke my barriers....
Angel - Eric - his wings are the same colour as his hair.
Pyro - Neeko - cus hes smoking hot and always on fire.
Cannonball - Murray - same hair style.
Magma - Fairycakes - both slags.
Mastermind - Leon - cus hes a bit creepy.
Mojo Adams - Siera - both fat and ugly, no likes him and hes always alone like seira love life.
Omega Red - Mies - both communist dumbass fucks.
Sunder - paki aasif - both virgins and ugly

No more, im done
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