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SV Fanmail - From Awesomegurl

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MOAR SV FANMAIL FROM ALLISONC, I just checked my "other" box on fb LOL so here it goes, havent even read it yet.

November 6th, 9:05pm


david owner of SVlissun u distgustin ginbreedin gpigog a pos of a worthless person
this is alison th eone u viciously slandered n banned and sai d pew pew pewi said nothing to chris other than the fact hes a nasty pos that jsut happens to be in a wheelchair hes always insulting me first n ive enver siad a word him it s actually one of my friends who saw how chris treated me who told me to say that'chris is a nasty nasty shit troublemaker ok? and he fucking knows it-ive explained myself even tho i did nothave to but hes still going n oing and he has all u guys fooled into helping him u all nasty pew pew pew s
chris has followed me everywhere n i ignor ehim n he still talk and stirs up shit for me n then gets u all to beleive his nasy vicious defamatory likes aboutme which is all untrue
so david u fuck u fuck off and go die n take chris with u cuz u all are pew pew pews n do me a favor eh chris dont have kids eh cuz we dontr need any more inbreeding fkin pew pew pew retard like u n chrisU are a NASTY lil fella and Chris fo fuck urslef u NASTY lil trouel makin gLIAR when ive done nothing to u u starte don me way back an dU FUKIN know it u worthless fukin bastard
u shoudl be ashamed of useself chris and all ur followes should be too
like my friend said to me when he read what u said to me he is the one that said "hes a nasty pos troublemaker that jsut happens to be sittin in a wheel chair"/aitting down
so all u ughly pew pew pew go take a showe in sulfuric acid to rid this world f ur fulthy troublemaking hateful stench uve fucked with this innocent YOUNF woman long enough and the damge tha tU did i will not ever fully recover from u fuking pew pew pewsa bastards a dn fuking whore filthy blue waffel smelly cunt bitchespyou ppl are SICK SICK SICK

keep it up chris u r only digging your grave deepr n deeper and u ll get it back a kazillion times fold u stupoid ugly mofo get ut facts right
u started on me uve been saying mean things to me for a long time i finally stood up to u in addition asshole who obv cant read what i said was u are a jerk shit who jsut happens to be sitting down i never fucking said u deserve to be in a wheel chair u will be smelly old troublemaker and i dont wear carfigans ass hole keep it up chris u ll be and r digging ur own grave
u ufly pos troublemaking troll following me everywhere and causing all kinds of probelms for me whe u are a mother fucking god dmane dliar
david fuck u u ugly unbreeding pew pew pew
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